Project : Student Union

The Student Union project will provide a much needed facility that will cater to the social and organization needs of the student population.  This building will serve as the center of student activity, bringing the campus population together to interact and build relationships with each other.  The Student Union facility will replace the existing snack bar and bookstore that are currently located in a relocatable building.  The project is funded in two phases.  Phase 1 is funded through Measure E, approximately $6,581,000, which covered preliminary planning through the first portion of construction and Phase 2 will fund through Measure L, approximately $9,592,300, will cover the remaining construction furniture and project closeout.

The Student Union facility is approximately 21,000 sf of building area, consisting of an ASB office/meeting room, dining hall, food serving area, commercial kitchen, staff lounge and bookstore.  The dining hall standard seating capacity is approximately 250 and can also accommodate nearly 350 seats for banquet events, if necessary.  The building will incorporate energy savings through the design and use of materials and equipment.

This project is currently under construction and is projected to cost an estimated $16,200,000.  Construction is expected to be completed by Fall 2016.


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